Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Toad for Oracle - Issues Solutions Tricks and Tips

Toad for Oracle

I am using Toad for Oracle for long time for my projects. Here, I have listed out few tricks and tips and issues/solution which I faced during my work. I happy to share this post to help someone :)

1.    Is there a way to disable the popup for Statement Processing window?

The below solution for

In case it is happening at the moment and want to cancel, the solution is just press Alt+F4 button.
I faced this problem many times and finally I closed the entire toad window, it causes I wanted to lost other queries from other tabs.
Just I found this Alt+F4 solution.

How to disable  "Statement processing" dialog in future?

Yes, there is an option to disable this popup window.
    1.    Go to View -> Options -> Oracle -> Transactions
    2.    Click on "Execute queries in threads [Creates separate session]"
You have to do it before login into any database to activate this option.

Remember, if any query running background, it will be indicated by double arrow on the tab.

If you love to see the window back, just un-check the above option.

2.    How to display the query execution time?

    1.    Go to View -> Options -> SQL Editor
    2.    Click on "Persist display of execution time"
3.    How to resolve "Object xxx not found" when press Ctrl+Mouse click?

    1.    Ctrl+A
    2.    Ctrl+X
    3.    Ctrl+V

I will keep updating this post.

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