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Oracle Reports Interview Questions & Answers Part 1

racle Reports - Technical Interview Questions & Answers

How many different triggers are available in Report?

There are five types of triggers in report 6i
1) Before report trigger
2) After report trigger
3) Before Parameter trigger
4) After parameter trigger
5) Between pages trigger

What is the Firing sequence of report trigger?
First the before parameter trigger will raise, after firing this trigger parameter form will displayed,

after passing parameter after parameter trigger will fire query will parsed &

then before report trigger will fired then if there are number of pages in your report

then the between pages trigger will fired but it will fire between first & second & so on pages but it will not fired in reverse condition the after report trigger will fire

after closing the run time parameter form is closed.

What is the difference between After Parameter Trigger and Before Report Trigger? 

After parameter Trigger: It will fire after the parameter form is displayed.here we can do validation on parameter values
Before Report Trigger: It will fire before the report is executed and after the query is parsed and date is fetched.

What is the Format Trigger?
Format Trigger is a PL/SQL function. This trigger is going to fire before an object is printed in report output. it return boolean-true then go to print -false then don't print.

What is the diff. when Flex mode is mode on and when it is off?
When flex mode is on, reports automatically resizes the parent when the child is resized.

What is the diff. when confine mode is on and when it is off?
When confine mode is on, an object cannot be moved outside its parent in the layout.

What is a lexical parameter?
Lexical Parameter is used to replace the where, order by conditions at run time.

What are bind variables?
Bind variables are used in report 6i for replacing the single parameter in the select statement

How many different layouts are available in Reports?
There are eight different layout formats:
1. Tabular
2. Form Like
3. Form Letter
4. Mailing Label
5. Group Left
6. Group Above
7. Matrix
8. Matrix with group

What is the minimum number of groups required for a matrix report?
The minimum of groups required for a matrix report are 4

What is the lock option in reports layout?
By using the lock option we cannot move the fields in the layout editor outside the frame. This is useful for maintaining the fields.

What is the Anchoring in Reports?
Anchor is used to make fixed distance between two objects in Reports Layout.

What is the difference between Frame and Repeating Frame?
Frames are used to surround other objects and protect them from being overwritten or pushed by other objects. For example a frame might be used to surround all objects owned by a group to surround column headings or to surround summaries.

When you default the layout for a report Report Builder creates frames around report objects as needed; you can also create a frame manually in the Layout Model view.

Repeating frames surround all of the fields that are created for a group’s columns. The repeating frame prints (is fired) once for each record of the group.
When you default the layout for a report Report Builder creates repeating frames around fields as needed; you can also create a repeating frame manually in the Layout Model view

What are different types of column in reports?
There are three types of columns in the report 6i these are:
1) Placeholder Column – Placeholder column is used to store a value for a variable.
2) Formula Column
3) Summary Column

How many types of columns are there and what are they?
Formula columns: For doing mathematical calculations and returning one value

Summary Columns: For doing summary calculations such as summations etc.

Place holder Columns: These columns are useful for storing the value in a variable

Can u have more than one layout in report?
It is possible to have more than one layout in a report by using the additional layout option in the layout editor. Yes it is possible to run the report without parameter form by setting the PARAM value to Null

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