Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forms 4.5/5.0/6.0/9i Techniques with Examples

List of Forms:

  • Generate INSERT Statements from existing Oracle tables Updated GenInster.zip V3.8

  • Dropping All Tables without drop/recreate user

  • Popup LOV after 3 attempts failed to enter valid value

  • Key Feature:
    Generates INSERT statements for entire table records
    Generates Individual SQL file for each table
    Generates Single SQL file for all table
    With Source Code

    Click to download FMB File - Updated GenInster.zip V3.8

    Key Feature:
    No need to drop and recreate user
    It removes all tables
    Integrity Constraints will not affect this tool
    With Source Code

    Click to download FMB File

    Warning: This Form created for Demo purpose only.
    Take a User Level Backup or export before using this tool.
    Create a Dummy User and Then Try.
    Key Feature:

    It gives 3 chances to enter correct value(clear invalid value and reset the cursor position)
    LOV shows the valid list after 3 wrong entries
    Conditionally Changing the Particular Field color
    With Source Code

    Click to download FMB File
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